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Day 4: Igniting Faith in 40 Days with Steve and Wendy Backlund

January 9, 2014

Day 4


Praying In Faith


Faith is the result of what we know.




Because of the time I spend reading and studying God’s word, I feel like I know Him enough to have faith in the promises I’ve clung to. The promise that “by Jesus’ stripes you are healed,” is easier for me to believe each year because I know Him better each year. I know He is willing, because Jesus spoke His willingness to the leper (Mk 1:41). Jesus is the exact representation of God (Hebrews 1:3).


I know God is a good Father. He is so good that He sent Jesus, a willing and holy sacrifice, to pay the price for me to live in relationship with Him. He paid for me to live this life as though I have never sinned. I know sickness, disease, trouble and calamity all are the result of sin in the world. I can live separate from those because Jesus came and fulfilled His mission. I know He will never leave me nor abandon me because He says so. I know He is not a man that would lie, but the one true God who cannot lie. The one thing God cannot do? Lie.


I have faith in His constant and continuous love for me. Even when I screw up. Even when I don’t feel love for Him. Even when no one else feels love for me. Because of my faith in His love for me, I do not fear. I can live fearlessly because of a maturing in His love.


Faith is the result of what I know. I feel like I know God a little better today than I did yesterday. I feel like my faith is getting stronger. Thank You, Lord.




My trust and faith in God grows in proportion to how much I know His character, goodness, and trustworthiness. I therefore spend much time in His presence developing intimacy with Him. I never become satisfied with a mere theology  of God’s presence in my private or church life. I pursue His manifested presence. Amen.


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