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Day 3: Igniting Faith in 40 Days by Steve and Wendy Backlund

January 8, 2014

Day 3


Bringing Life to Dead Places


Joel 3:10 – Let the weak say I am strong.


The word for today is one of instruction and repentance for me. I have dead places in my life. I have things that I prayed for – that I gave life to through my desires and prayers – and yet, I let them die by not persevering. I was weak, and that weakness led to death. Dreams died. Desires were left unfulfilled. I began speaking what I saw (lack, hurt, disappointment) and the faith I once possessed died with the dreams, desires and hopes.


“God has called us to make dead things alive.”


He has designed us to use His words and ours to bring life to dead things, circumstances and people. Interestingly, he said His words were spirit and they were life. We know the gospel brings new life to dead creatures. Why did I allow myself to become deceived into believing the lie that my words do not matter? How did I fall into the trap of disbelief?


It doesn’t matter how I did it, I guess, I did it. I repent for it. I ask for Your forgiveness, Father and I plea the blood of Jesus to cover, cleanse and release me from further harm (death) because of it. I begin now, this day to speak the truth – what I know is truth, Your word and I make it mine.


I am strong. Because I am strong, I persevere. I will not allow death to reign in my dreams anymore. I will not allow disappointment with people or circumstances to defeat me. I am strong. I persevere until I see the life I know you want me to bring.


Thank You, for Your patience and perseverance with me. I call myself instructed, corrected and set right. I love Your instruction, Lord. Thank you. Amen.


Declaration: Even though I feel weak at times, I am really strong. I am very strong to accomplish God’s purposes in my life, and be a strength to others. I prophesy daily over my circumstances, my future, and over the dry areas of my life. Amen

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